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Since 1998 MXI Corporation has been at the forefront in scientific research & development in the natural health benefits of the world’s #1 Antioxidant superfood: raw, unprocessed Cocoa. Their exclusive cold-press patent combined with other natural high-antioxidant foods has resulted in an industry revolution! To learn more about the XOÇAI™ Wellness System products, in-home delivery program, and a residual business opportunity - Click this banner:

Embroidered Accessories

Designed by distributors for distributors with professional quality and value in mind.
Material products are richly embroidered
with the XOÇAI™ logo.


Signature Jewelry

Available in:
Sterling Silver & Diamond settings.
14K Gold by special order.



Experience Chocolate
Like Never Before!

 Unprocessed Cacao w/Acai Berry
 Antioxidant Rich
 All Natural
 No preservatives
 No waxes or fillers
 Caffeine Free*
 Gluten Free*
 Low-glycemic*
 High in Fiber*
 Increases Energy

Order a COCOA PROMO Gift Pack
Five (5) most popular products and info:
XOÇAI™ X Power Square (6g)
XOÇAI™ Nugget (12g)
XOÇAI™ Omega Square(11g)
XOÇAI™ XoBiotic Square (11g)
XOÇAI™ Xe Energy Drink (6.4 fl.oz.)
Delivered in washable nylon insulated XoBag™ with airline approved 3-ounce refreezable gel pack to keep contents cool and fresh. (Perfect for daily travel supply, medicine, cosmetics, too!)
*Select products. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Please Note: Food Items are non-returnable.


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Each Gift Package is individually sent via
Priority Mail …with a message if desired.

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Gift Message:

$24.95 + $12.00 S/H
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every 12 weeks
with Auto-Ship Program


Guaranteed 100% satisfaction--30 day return policy. Please follow care directions on label.
Xoçai™-The Healthy Chocolate™ are trademarks of MXI Corp.
All product MXI Corp. compliance approval. Not Official MXI apparel